Issues with lukewarm idel after cambelt changed

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Hi guys

Car was perfect before going for a water pump and timing belt change, however after long story but I will cut to the chase, after the cars fine when cold and hot but when lukewarm power is okay but if I stop at traffic lights or anywhere the rev's are bouncing and stuttering when I request power it's there alright.

The car is 57 plate 170 BRD Q Audi a4 B7

Attached is a readout of some blocks - from what I've read elsewhere the Injection start and Injection duration are out?? these should be around

1) Engine speed
Manual gearbox 860...940 rpm
Automatic gearbox 790...870 rpm

2) Specified commencement of injection
-4 °CA(bef.TDC)...2.5 °CA(Aft.TDC) A OK

3) Specified duration of injection
5...7 °CA: OK

4) Synchronisation angle

-3...+3 °CA

Had an MOT a couple weeks ago and it was noted that some smoke was coming out of the exhaust on the advisory, I've not had this one before but could also be a factor.

Can someone assist with what could be going on here.



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