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2007 S6 MMI screen failed?


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Hi all,

I tried a search but didnt find anything specific. My '07 S6 MMI screen (2G high) recently stopped working, all the radio, phone functions etc work fine, just the screen is blank. It started showing striped colours, now mostly is just blank.

Before I take the dash out to fit a 2nd hand replacement, is there another possible cause? I assume I'll probably have to get the new screen coded to the car as well?





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Super delayed reply.....reseated cables, changed screen, problem still there. Must be the cable, but looking at it's routing I do not fancy trying to change that, so will probably get a decent local auto electrics place to do it.

That plus the throttle valves, parking sensors and now one of the fuel rail pumps has really put me off audis. My old ('97) GTR was way less trouble with worse treatment and more power....


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When you removed the old screen, did you power it up at all?  Did anything appear on it?

Have you got VAG-Com to plug into the car and do some tests, check for error codes etc?


With regard the rest, with my S8 (same V10), one of the previous owners removed the silly little engine flaps in the inlet manifold to avoid future problems.  And he got it coded to cater for it too.

Fuel rail pumps - very rare for them to go.  Again, check VAG-Com for error codes on it (it can check the parking sensors too).  One thing though, I always used Shell petrol in it, no supermarket, Esso, Total etc stuff was used, so might be worth putting in soem Miller's fuel additive see if that clears stuff and a new fuel filter.


Hope that helps?

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