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I’ve driven both a 2019 and 2017 530e recently. Both drove well, but the 2019 felt new, while at 50k miles the 2017 was just starting to show its age. I’ve leased new cars for the last few years and kinda got used to to zero hassle. 

There are lots of 2018/2019 models with comfort and tech packs around £30k, including one that’s my dream colour and spec. There are also a few 2017s with 40-50k miles around £23-25k (but not ideal colour/spec). But according to Car Dealer mag used prices are going up as supply is tight and dealers have had their best June ever.

I have my own business and the economy is heading for a deep recession. So the sensible money buys the older car because it’ll cost less and depreciate less. A few miles don’t worry me as I’ve had them before and won’t add much, though potential maintenance is a slight concern. I’ve even thought of spending £10k on a Golf for now, but can’t bring myself to do it!

On the other hand, I’ll keep the newer (nicer) car longer, and on low miles will have no maintenance costs for a while. I’m also more likely to get my ideal car, so enjoy it more.

I’m also hung up on comfort and tech packs - are they worth it? I’m really keen on the harmon kardon etc. But really, once you have the car, do the options make much difference?

None can answer this for me, obs, but I’m interested in views of fellow car people :o)

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Go for a the heart option, far easier then to explain it to yourself later. The head option of the older one isn't that much less and as you say is already showing in that particular one its age a little. 

The newer one has the spec, colour and longevity that you want for only a bit more go for that one I'm sure you won't regret it. 

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