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Bushy is back !


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Hi guys

Apologies for any shipping delays and replying to emails, still wading through stuff

Absolute nightmare with the server, someone/something managed to get into the system and break everything, luckily thanks to PhilT we have a good back up regime so didnt loose any data, I reckon I lost around 10 days of emails though so had to go through paypals accounts to get lost orders, so any one who sent me a mail and does not get a reply by tonight better resend it

In the end we have a new server now, built on my old desktop (a faster machine) with Windows & Exchange 2003, again thanks to PhilT for telephoine tech support in rebuilding the thing as I did have a few problems along the way

Updated loads of stuff as I did so, nearly finished, I THINK!!!!!

I will now try and wade through posts and PMs

Cheers for your patience


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