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[Audi A3/S3] Sat inside the Sportback today


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Only breifly though because I could tell the salesman was pretty busy because of the new reg tomorrow. Anyway he pulled it out in the backyard si I could see the car as a whole rather than just seeing lined up next to other cars so I could see the whole of the car.

First impressions were sort of mixed, as they had 2 cars there...one was a Dolphin Grey Tdi Sport with chrome roff rails and the other was a Brilliant Red 3.2 without rails and to me the Grey with the roof rails looks more of a mini A4 Avant whereas the red one looked a bit awkward, and I don't think the new grill doesn't quite suit the red as the grey looks pretty good contrasting well with the chrome surround. I didn't bother sitting in the front, only the back as I was curious to how much room there was compared to my A4 avant and to my surprise there seems a lot more longroom but the headroom was reduced but I still didn't touch the rooflining and I'm 6ft. The boot looked cavernous for what supossed to be a family hatchback but it was the 2 wheel drive and I know the quattro will loose a lot of the depth in comparison.

I think based on the 2 that I seen today I'm going to wait and drive the T FSI before I order the 3.2 and definately wait for the S line early next year and hopefully get the Opensky then too.

Overall I am quite pleased with the design but I will find it difficult parting with around £30k (with spec) for a hatchback, mind you I am looking forward to the RS3 and thats going to £40k with the right spec.

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