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EPS exhaust info!


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They're back from holidays, so I talked to EPS today about doing a 'kit' for you guys.

As a rough indication, the Quad 'kit' would be ~ €950,- (EUR that is). That's about 650 in your money... Ex BTW/VAT and shipping. (shipping estimated @ ~ €50,-)

Not a bad deal methinks...

There are two options, as the exhausts on your cars may differ (?) from one car to the next. <ul type="square"> 1. They send a kit that may need some minor adjustments, to be adapted by a local fitter.

2. They adapt it there as you wish. (think crossover f.i. and tailored to your car).

In the first case there will be no extra costs, in the latter there may be some, dependent on your wishes.

I would let them use the S8 as a 'template', so no problems there, but as said, there may be some differences with the A8. In that case we'd need to source an A8 to fit the exhaust.

Let me know what you think, start photographing the underside of your car grin.gif and we'll take it from there. Of course I'd be willing to help out where I can with data and diagrams. (I'll need the usual vehicle data for that).

So who wants a wicked Quad exhaust?


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Can't be that much of a detour, NL isn't that big anyway. grin.gif

Be SURE to make an appointment in time, if you want to do that (would be best to have it fitted imho), as these guys are quite well known, and therefore quite busy.

I just called, and I have to wait two weeks for my X-mod, and that's about an hour work... crazy.gif

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You mention the X-mod Sven, is this something I should have done from the start?

I will get in touch with them just as soon as I know possible dates, depends on Wolfsburg tour at the minute.

I see you went for cat replacements too. Are they part of the deal you have organised?

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X-mod, can't tell really, as I haven't one myself yet. Booked on the 14th tho. Should be good tho methinks.

Watch the vid here and spot the difference between the first car (X-pipe) and the rest. He has a healthy lead, and you can clearly hear the difference. cool.gif

Two more links from Dr. Gas, Synchronicity and Humm.

Matt, that sounds good. I'll give them the heads up when I'm there. Or just mention my car, and they should know what it's about. (Not always the same guy who answers the phone tho).

As for the others, let me know what you want and I'll set up the initial contact. Or just give them a call, or send an email...

Another thought, maybe it's an idea to combine the orders as much as possible? Not sure if that would complicate things tho. In the end each shipment needs to go its own way, and the same goes for payment. But with a bunch of orders they may perhaps be leniant on the odd modification here and there (thinking crossover).

I'm just a paying customer tho (and guinea pig) so I can't promise anything, just ask...

PS: <ul type="square"> [*] you don't want cat replacements (guinea pig lesson # 1).

[*] you do want a crossover (guinea pig lesson # 2).

[*] guinea pig lesson # 3 is due shortly.*

[*] If you want it fitted by them, there - obviously - will be some extra costs.

* Don't let that hold off your orders, it may help your friendly local guinea pig to get a small discount on the X-mod, in return for his guinneaness. notworthy.gif


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