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£250 BOLT!!! .........oh, and "Juddering cured"


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I kid you not I have been quoted over £250 for a BOLT!!!

Just come back from my 90 mile round trip to collect the car from the Audi service people (3rd time in 5weeks). Purpose of visit: Fix front right bearings & bushes, stop the steering column scraping/squeaking, fix passenger seat belt (crap recoil), and replace airbox due to one bolt missing??!

The truly lovely lady heart.gif wot runs the show said it was all covered by the extended warranty and encourged me to tell her all the faults. smile.gif Hence the long list.

When I picked up the car, 2 days later, I was calmly told the seat belt and airbox have not been touched because the warranty does not cover them?!

hmmmm...... typically, lovely lady heart.gif was not there to consult about this.

Any way, what p1sses me right off is why, I, the Customer was the last to know they were not fixing things due to this warranty query. And how come I have waited 3 weeks to get all these problems sorted at once and they haven't done them. 3 weeks!! Ahhh etc....

The Airbox and Seatbelt are on hold, they can not get one bolt unless the airbox follows... MaD! suicide.gif

The infamous Juddering noise which I have been on about since owning this small run about has got so bad that in corners it sounded like a "cement mixer/tumble dryer" crossed with a "Pod Racer" (Star Wars thingy) sportifs2.gif

It is now virtually silent, all due to new BEARINGS. At long last a cure jump.gif (that was definitely under warranty)

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The really dumb thing is, the bolt in question is the easiest one to get to, its sort of bottom right as you look into the engine. confused.gif

Like you say a trip to the local bolt shop is in order or a random local mechanic should do the trick.

Its no big deal just the principle gets me,

and just cos Truly Lovely Gorgeous Babe heart.gifheart.gif isn't there the dealers lost the plot on what they promised a customer!!

But I am so very very happy the car is driving like a top end luxury rocket should! (at long last) 169144-ok.gif

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Truly Lovely Gorgeous Babe heart.gif has returned and is now going to sort it all out and I think I will get away with not paying a bean! Pheeeewwwwww!

BUT! My car 'now' sounds like a creaky pirate ship! This is just after the bearings were replaced on the right side! Front Left suspension arm is rubbing a joint or something. This will be fixed for free. smile.gif

I am now getting the "this will never end" / "Whats next?" vibes frown.gif

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