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SQ3, SQ4 .....oh god


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Read in this week's autocar that Audi has registered Q4-Q8 model designations along with SQ3-SQ8.

They're suggesting FWD Audis will be A3, A4 etc, while the Quattro models will evolve into Q3, Q4, leaving the S cars to become SQ3, SQ4!

PER-LEASE Audi if you're reading DON'T do it!

I'd cancel my RSQ4 (if i'd ordered one...)

I'd hate to own a car called SQ3 whereas S3 is crisp, clear and an emotive moniker.

What the hell is an SQ3??? smashfreakB.gif

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Here's the Autocar car story on the potential new Audi model designations mad.gif


Badges hint at next Audis

AUDI has registered a new series of badges which could give clues to the company's upcoming SUVs. According to insiders, the German car manufacturer has recently registered the series Q3-Q8 and SQ3-SQ8. The Q is thought to stand for Quattro, and the S designates high performance.

Audi's A6-based Pike's Peak SUV is in the final stages of development, and there are also plans for a smaller SUV derived from the long-wheelbase A3 Sportback. Its thought the Q3 and Q7 badges could be reserved for the two planned SUVs.

However, there's an outside chance that Audi is simply preparing to re-badge its road cars. This could mean A4 would designate a front-drive, Q4 the all-wheel drive version and SQ4 the high performance model.

[/ QUOTE ]


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Thanks for that thought Chris... grin.gif

Here I was, thinking whether the Q-car connotation may not be so bad after all, and there you come along with the 'SQ' Audi... Hmm. Guess not then.

Agreed S8 sounds better than SQ8. Come to think of it, that sounds like an Oil company... smashfreakB.gif

DON'T Audi, just don't... NONO3.GIF

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