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Exhaust GasRecirculation Valve A4 1.9 Tdi 1997


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hi folks,

i wonder can anyone help me here??? just noticed that the EGR valve on my 1997 1.9tdi Audi A4 is blowing black soot out on the engine. my mechanic says its nothing to worry about but i am not so sure, priced the valve from audi at £165+vat wow, these guys say the valve helps cool the turbo by recirculating exhaust gases back through the manifold, and that the turbo could over heat and burn out.

here's the question, would an EGR valve from an audi A3 (Vreg) 1.9tdi, fit onto my car the A4 1.9tdi?Are the parts and engines the same? as my mate is trading his A3 in very soon and does not object to switching the parts over!!!!! which would save me £200...... cool.gif

All help will be gratefully received, help me b4 i get done over from yet another Audi Dealer. fekr.gif

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