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[Audi A3/S3] 2.0 TDI DSG Rejected Finally


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I would be interested to know who the dealer was as well. Sounds pretty bad tbh, didn't Audi want your money or something?

My after sales service from my delaer has been very good (probably beacuse we got fooked about a bit before but they have more than made up for it IMHO).

BMW is a nice motor but as per usual with a new model around the corner I get a bit worried about residuals as well.

Good luck with the new car though.


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We didn't really want another A3.

All they would offer was an A3 or Sportback or a poverty spec A4.

To this date we have had nothing in writing! And during the process no real offer of what was avaliable to us.

We ended up specing cars to the delaer and being told no - no reason why we couldn't have that spec etc.

We then found a loaded A4 1.9TDi Quattro for about £1500 more that our car was new - but Audi's area manager wouldn't sanction a transfer from one dealer to another. So in the end and after >60 phone calls we went to BMW who were far more professional and organised than Audi - despite the delaer being 250+ miles form our house.

They knocken £300 of the price, threw in an autochanger and freee delivery. Plus the car has a service pack on it until 2006.

No brainer really.


The 330D is far better a car than the A3 I can't even begin to compare the two - as good as my R32 but with far better fuel consumption - all I need now is a tunig box and a Becker Stereo.......

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I am currently trying to reject mine:

1 month old. Leaking into footwell, car stripped out inside including dashboard, central console, aibags, aircon, etc. Car came with scratches and had to have both wings resprayed!

Should not happen in a new car. Dashboards never go back properly!

Audi Customer services are refusing to accept it back. Say it is up to the dealer (Vindis Cambridge) who also say the car is now fine.

What was up with yours that they accepted it back?

Any tips?

Any help would be appreciated.


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We wrote the dealer a letter stating that under the sale of goods act the car was not fit for purpose, following the letter we returned the car to them - they did not argue they accepted the rejection.

The DSG box went once and the new box started playing up.

CS are quite right your contract is with the dealer.

CS were the only half decently organised outfit in the whole process... We are awaiting £300 compo from Audi as well.....

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Thanks for your help.

This is going to be a tough one, as they will argue the car has been repaired.

My arguement is I bought a new factory built car, and that the repairs might cause problems in the future, which might not be apparent now.

The worst bit is, I really like the car, is it too much to ask for a 20k car that works out of the box without too much grief???

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