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[Audi A3/S3] A3 TDI S-LINE DSG Purchased


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Hi Andrew, welcome to Tyresmoke laugh.gif

8-10 weeks isn't bad, although I was told 8 weeks as well and it took 4 months in the end. I think the supply problems they were having with the gearbox have eased now, though.

I am pleased with mine, although I've not been happy with the fuel consumption. It also arrived without some of the kit it should have had, which has been a bit of a headache. Overall though it's a great car. It handles well, goes pretty quickly for a soot chucker, and looks good inside and out.

What colour are you getting? Options?

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4 months!! sheesh thats harsh. Anyway as for options I went slightly mad:<ul type="square">[*]Automatic folding door mirrors, including heated washer jets

[*]BOSE sound system

[*]Electric lumbar support for front seats

[*]First aid kit and warning triangle

[*]Headlight cleaning system

[*]Heated front seats

[*]Metallic or pearl effect paint

[*]Non Smoking Pack - deletion of ashtray and cigarette lighter, replaced with storage compartment and 12V socket

[*]Rear floor mats

[*]Reversible boot mat

[*]Storage Pack - front seat back cargo nets, storage compartment under driver's seat, compartment in glovebox, cargo net on side of centre console, net and bag hooks in luggage compartment

[*]Upholstery - Leather/Speed cloth, black

[*]Colour: Pearlescent Lava Grey

I didnt even drive the car first smashfreakB.gif. Anyway ordered it from northgate audi in Bury St Edmunds and got a good discount.

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Yeah I'd get the xenons rather than just the headlight washers, it doesn't cost much more. I've got the rear parking sensor as well and find it very handy, mainly because my parking is rubbish. I also have the heated seats, but they're not really necessary with the half leather upholstery.

I ordered the storage pack mainly for the extra 12v socket, which it came with at the time. If I was ordering now I'd just get the luggage pack. The extra storage bits are not really that useful. Can't get a proper AA map in the seat back pocket, for example.

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Had mine for 4 weeks now, happy as a very happy chappy grin.gif

I would take the quoted 8-10 weeks with a pinch of salt as i was told that and it actually took 5 months for the car to arrive

Zool, i would chase the dealer as they have a habit of not telling you if the car is delayed until you hassle them

I was also told the delays i encountered were down to Sline specific parts

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