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Audi A4 Nav+ (DVD/MMI based) TV signal removal

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Is anybody able to give me a definite answer on which wire(s) need to be unplugged from the DVD Nav+ headunit in order to disable the "TV display mute" whilst in motion?

I know about "TVWIZ.NET" but this only has details on the OLD cd based nav+. I have searched Google and the only sites/info I can find refer to the old system.

I have a DVD based Nav+, with multifunction steering wheel - so which cables do I remove, and do I need to fit a switch for the speed signal so it can still work with the Nav+ ?

Or... does nobody know, and I'm going to have to be the one that tries it first...! smile.gif

I've got as far as hooking up my laptop to the tv-tuner using a bodged up cable for an AV input and it works great through composite - about to make an svhs cable and see if it's even better. Anyway - because I'm happy with this, I'm going to proceed with my "in-car-computer" project, but for this to be a success I need to get rid of the damn tv-mute in motion!



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Just on a side note Russell, what are you going to use as a PC?? I was offered a bare bones system today, with everything but a hard drive, it is tiny, about the size of 2 packs of fags. I think he said he wants about £150 for it.

I passed on it as I would probably not use it but is it any interst to you ??

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