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In car computer project update!

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For anybody interested in following my in-car-computer project on my new Audi A4, here is the start of it ... getting my laptop plugged in to the TV-Module and displaying on the Nav+ headunit!

Warning - I have not yet compressed the images so they are VERY large, I suggest you only download this page if you are running broadband and have a few minutes to go and make a cup of tea whilst it loads!

I will shortly shrink the files down and start uploading to my proper site, www.in-car-computer.co.uk


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So what are you using for user-input to the computer Russ ?

Do the HU controls generate different outputs according to what source is selected ?

Actually, I guess that was a pretty dumb question as the HU must be able to control the TV tuner, so I guess if these outputs are digital, you should be able to use them to control the computer via a serial mouse input (RS232/422) ?

I'm assuming that you won't be wanting your laptop bouncing around the boot, so what are you going to use as the computer ?

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Not decided on the controller yet. I have bought a mini usb trackerball with 6 buttons and the initial idea is to take it apart, build it in to a small piece of black plastic, and mount it where the "non nav+ navigation control" would fit, next to the hand brake. I'll see how this looks/goes though and expect I'll try a few different variants.

Today I have ordered 4 x 6.5" tft head-rest mounted screens, two for my car and two for my wife's.

I have also just been to the local scrapyard and picked up a leather headrest from an old Granada (for £10), so I can practise installing the headrest screen before attacking our real ones!

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