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Question on Sat Nav +

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I completely agree and I can’t find out how to do this either…. I don’t think that Audi can believe that there may be times that you want Navigation on - without music.

Surely turning down the volume can’t be the only solution? This is what I have been doing but, if you are playing a CD this will continue spinning/changing pointlessly. You could change to radio to prevent this – but why not add a stop button to the GUI?

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...only if you have the Audi phone kit, or a professionally installed phone kit which mutes the stereo.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ah, okay. I assumed ....

But it would be a good solution to the problem. BTW, 'professional' installation isn't really necessary - I've always installed my own kits without any problems.

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Totally agree Gando, all it needs is a 'STOP' button as you can't actually pause or stop the CD player unless you switch to radio

It doesn't require m uch thought from the design bods that one

As mentioned I don't have a integrated phone installed

I might have another look in the handbook again tonight but I'm sure you can't switch either the radio or CD off but just have to turn the volume down, seems bloody stupid to me.

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