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Bargain Audi A3 1.8T Quattro For Sale


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If anyone is interested i'm after a quick sale of my mint Met. dark blue Audi A3 1.8T Quattro

Usual A3 Quattro Spec with nice comfy (cloth) heated seats.

61,000 miles, W Reg

Car is in lovely condition!!!

Genuine reason for sale.

9k on the nose.

07795567798 or 01525 755758



PS. would have put in classified but it wasn't working?


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Why is so difficult to sell my car???

It's a really decent motor with what i think is a very good price, yet i'm getting very little interest.

Is it still too expensive??

Dropping the price again seems crazy to me, however, i'll probably take 8,500 if someone would offer that.

I've tried Autotrader (for last 2 weeks), pistonheads, here... no real joy.

Where else would it be best advertised?



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I spoke to my bruv about it as his GF is want an A3 1.8T, but her budget is £6500 and so they're looking at non Q cars around the S/T reg range.

I suggest that a £2k loan from the bank would be all that was needed but both of them are debt-free apart from the mortgage and thats how its going to stay!

I'll talk to him again as it right up they're street in terms of what they're after :-)


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