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[Audi A3/S3] Warranty gearbox fault


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Hi all, My synchro mesh from 2nd -> 3rd seems to have totally died, took it to Oxford audi today for a verdict.

Took a techie out, 5 minutes later and a few crunchy high rev changes he agreed with my verdict of 'totally ****t' and we went back to the service dept.

The service manager guy said:

'I cant give you a car, we wont have any loaners here for 2-3 weeks and even if I did I wouldnt lend you one as for that fault you could be in it for a month.'

'What you have to do is go home, ring audi breakdown, DONT tell them you came and saw us and say you dont want to drive it in its current condition so they tow it to us and provide you with a car.'

I asked if that would be an audi of equal quality, he replyed. 'I cant guarantee that, or even that it will be an audi at all'

When I queryed why he wouldnt lend me a car he said because the warranty covers Audi lending me a car, Not Oxford Audi, therefore he could not afford to lend me a car for a job of this nature.

I feel pretty let down by the Audi warranty and the salesman who told me about it.

What are your opinions?

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Thats pretty crap CS from the dealer IMO, surely they just need to call Audi Warranty/CS and say Mr X is going to be off the road for a while, please can you supply him with a car.

I know of people that have had their cars in for a lot of warranty work and this is basically what happened. I'd call Audi CS and see what they say about it all.

Nice to see the dealer is giving you good after care, dread think what they do if you came in off the street with a problem.


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thats just it, I did walk in off the street, baught the S3 up north cause they were taking the piss sourcing me one.

Not that the service techy knew that.

Do you guys think its worth giving another local dealer a ring or will it be the same story? frown.gif

Should I just take the pottential Corsa and prey for a new box asap?

Please find below an illustration of Rob VS Salesman, Rob shown above.


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not saying it will be any better, but I only use Wayside Audi MK.

I have had my niggles with them, but above all its all good.

I didnt like the snotty attitude of the sales guys in Oxford Audi when i was looking at buying my first(brand new) S3. So i walked out.

But I made sure I registered my brand new imported S3 (with then then unavailable in UK) optional extra 18" RSTT's and one off paint, to prove a point.

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