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OK, I take it all back, the new A4 is looking good


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Taken from audisport.

Picture from a german newspaper.



- 1.6, 102 hp 148 NM, 0-100 12,6s, 190 kmh

- 1.8T 163 hp, 225 NM, 0-100 8,6s, 228 kmh

- 2.0, 130 hp, 195 NM, 0-100 9.9s, 212 kmh

- 2.0T, 200 hp, 280 NM, 0-100 7,3 s, 241 kmh

- 3.2 FSI, 255 hp, 330 NM, 0-100 6,8 s, 250 kmh

- S4, 344 hp, 410 Nm, 0-100 5,6s, 250 kmh


- 1,9 TDI, 115 hp, 285 NM, 0-100 11,2 s, 201 kmh

- 2.0 TDI, 140 hp, 320 NM, 0-100 9,7 s, 212 kmh

- 2.5 TDI, 163 hp, 350 NM, 0-100 8,8 s, 227 kmh

- 3.0 TDI, 204 hp, 450 NM, 0-100 7,2 s, 235 kmh

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Yet to be convinced. It looks a bit too middle-aged for my comfort.

However I have to confess to taking time to warm up to any facelift. I may well love it in a couple of years' time, particularly if they can improve the S4 performance.

And I agree with cosmicblue, the 3.0 TDi looks like a lot of fun potentially.

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Presumably it's the 3.0TDI that Gez reviewed in the A6 (I think it was him - apols if I've misattributed). It seems fantastic - quieter and lighter than the current 2.5TDI and all that creamy torque. Lower weight combined with the more rearward wt distribution of the new A4 would give it all the advantages I still miss from my 2.5V6, with none of the disadvantages (low-speed rattle and nose weight) that made me trade it in...

Oh, and I like the shape. The A6 nose looked good in the flesh but the whole car was perhaps a little too lardy to be covetable, unless you actually need all that size. If the A4 has the same 'presence' while being a bit lighter on its feet, it will cut a very impressive figure on the road, in a "get out of my way, little BMW, or I'll EAT you" sort of way.

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Yep, that 3.0 TDi is fantastic. I really liked the A6 to drive and that engine was soooo powerful and smooth.

As far as the cab is concerned, either it will be treated as a separate model the same as the old 80 based one, or it will be updated with some of those engine choices ... wonder which way it'll go.

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Sorry, Big D, it was you not Gez blush.gif Memorable review though, clearly 169144-ok.gif

I suspect the cab will stay as a separate model with no race to upgrade, given that it's selling well in its own niche. Unless, I suppose, TDI sales drop off but why would they, since there's no comparable product to compete - unless BMW release their new 3-series (er, 4 series) cabrio in 330d form...

Have to say the new BMW cabs do look fantastic but I've only seen an Autocar image (and that was with top down, but I suspect they'll do something about the 'pramtop' ribbing next time)

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But 3.0TDi vs S4 Torque


[/ QUOTE ]

Hang on a mo guys. Lets not be too impressed by the prospect of the 3.0TDI (450Nm). Yes it out torques the lot but so what! The performance is very similar to the 2.0T FSI (280Nm).

Respect to Audi for producing a desireable diesel, but when pushing on the 3.2 FSI will kill it and to compare it to the S4 NONO3.GIF.

Now for the technical bit. All manufacturers quote torque at the crankshaft. This alone is pretty meaningless when it comes to understanding vehicle performance because the performance of the car is determined by torque at the driven wheel (which is directly affected by the gear ratio). Diesel engines tend to be lower reving and hence user taller gear ratios reducing the torque at the wheel.

The other characteristic with diesels that detracts from outright performance is that peak torque is generated at low revs and fades as the revs rise. This means they feel quite strong as soon as the turbo blows in but are ultimately a bit dissapointing when pushed harder.

I reckon the best of the new diesels out their at the moment (for the sporting driver is the BM 535d). Although badged 35d it is actually the 3L engine with two turbos. A small one to give quick response at low revs, and a big'n to keep things going when the revs rise.



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