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'Tracker' Systems


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Good morning Gents,

I've just changed my insurance policy and the theft cover is dependent on me having a tracking device from their approved list. This is:

Navtrak Proactive ADR

Navtrak Proactive

Navtrak Proactive 4000

RAC Trackstar 24hr Guardian

RAC Trackstar 24hr Protector

RAC Trackstar 2

Siemens Trakbak 2

Tracker Horizon

Tracker Monitor

Asset Assured Phantom Interactive

Asset Assured Phantom Proactive

Dan Track Interactive

Dan Track Solo

Guard One Security (Proactive)

Guard One Extended Security (Interactive)

I-Mob TT4

Has anyone got experience of any from the list?

I'd rather fit it myself but all my google searches are stating that it must be fitted by an 'approved' smashfreakB.gif installer...

I'm not particularly worried about how good the system is (I'd rather they didn't find the car...), my only concerns are:

1. Easy to fit so I'm less likely to get electrical / trim problems

2. Fitted by someone who cares about the car

Does anyone have experience of a good installer in the Buckinghamshire area? Alternative is to take it to Audi, let them take a percentage, then check the car carefully.

Cheers for any help



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Had Tracker Horizon on my old A4 - it came with the car and I had to pay a £100 transfer. had only just renewed my £100 per year subscription when I sold it - what a mistaker! I think it costs about £400 to install and then £100 per year. Was going to get one on my new A4, but the Audi Gap Insruance policy was cheaper! Perhaps you should change insurer or get some Audi Gap insurance?

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Thanks Dieselmeister,

I moved insurance out of principle - they put the premium up for no reason. All other companies I checked require a Tracking device which, if around £400.00, still works out cheaper than my old policy.

Gap insurance wouldn't help me in the unlikely event of a theft claim - no tracker means no claim - end of story.

Just interested if anyone knows which type is technically and, from a fitting point of view, least likely to cause me headaches with the car.


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Hehe! - call me a cynic, but apart from the small scratch now on the door, the nav sceen that now has screwdriver marks around the edge, the grease marks on the carpet and seats, and the feathered tyres from the joy, err I mean 'test drive', yes, I agree, you would never know...

Been there, had that done on a previous car (not a Tracker but you get my drift?) sportifs2.gif

Just wondering if anyone knows a trustworthy place to get one fitted - or whether I should just let an Audi centre get it done.

Anyone know if 'home fitting' is an option?


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It shouldn't be to hard to fit imho, but if them there insurance mob require a certificate from a 'certified fitter'... crazy.gif

I couldn't help you with an address, but if it were me, I'd rather go to the dealer than letting some local jokal with a stereo shop having a go at it.

Or take some time off and be there whilst they fit it.

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I have the i-Mob (interested to see it's on insurers' lists now), and it does the next best thing to nerve gas: it calls you when moved and you can talk to the cabin occupants (or just listen to them), and then you can decide to cut the ignition, by remote, by keying in a number on your mobile.

Then you can talk to them again and tell them you know where they are and the police are en route.

If you're not around, the call goes to the control centre.

It works, at least the motion detectors do (it has tilt and impact sensors as well as GPS): my iMob-equipped A4 cab rang me up to tell me it was being moved vertically and was worried about it, some hours after I left it at Chipsaway to get some scratched alloys sorted out. I rang the guy's mobile just for a laugh and he said words to the effect of "feck me, I just put it up on the jack 30 seconds ago, how did you KNOW?"

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Pleasure - see what you think beerchug.gif

One thing - it doesn't have a transponder like Trackers do, so if it is stolen the only way to trace it is to have it read you its GPS co-ordinates (it tells you speed too) and then look it up on a map.

Its other features make up (e.g. a speed-related alarm, so you can set it to ring you at 110 mph in case of joyriders, and then set it to 10 mph while you're on holiday in case someone gets your keys - or you can simply disable the engine from the beach if you forget to before leaving home); but just thought I ought to warn you it's not the same as other devices - the Police can't just follow the radio blips like they can with a Tracker

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