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Immobilser playing up Big Time!!!!!!!


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hi folks,

again I am looking for your help,have an a4 1997 1.9 TDi, and been havin' sum problems lately. the immobiliser has been playing up for a while. stripped down the door today and discovered that the lock cylinder rod was detatched from the rear of the lock confused.gif

How ever i foned my local audi dealer in Glasgow who told me i now required a new lock at either £50 without a key,then £35 to programme your key or another with a key at £100, lucky me lol.

On studying the manual i c that the broken component in the lock may be replacable. apparently if the lock cylinder is removed and replaced then the spring,driver plate and circlip are reused. As far as i can see the lock is fine, but the driver plate is broken. does anyone know if this part can be bought from and audi dealer, as i dont have a clue and audi are just trying to stiff me for money...... sportifs2.gif

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