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[Audi A3/S3] 1.8TQ


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1st off ... I'm new here so hello from me beerchug.gif ..

I've just bought a 2003 1.8T sport Quattro and am very pleased with it 169144-ok.gif

I've been reading lots on here about tuning etc and have found the forum very informative.

One question I have is ...

being the sport version, is it lower already than a standard car?

The chap I bought it from said that the later cars (ie mine)have a 20mm wider track is this also true?

Anyway ... all this reading on here (4 hours+) has really made me get the bug, so now I'm saving for AMD remap.

Might also get the wheel spacers fitted at the same time ... has anyone got thoughts on these (spacers) .. good or bad?



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Thanks quattroboy

I see you also have a TQ ..

what tyres do you use?

Mine has michelin pilot sports (fitted from new) but I dont think much to them as they squeel around the roundabouts here in Milton Keynes.

I had Goodyear F1's on my VR6 Golf and think I'll go back to those.

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Welcome Smokebelch to Tyresmoke beerchug.gif

Odd that AmD never mentioned about faster wear and tear when they sold me my spacers smirk.gif anyhow... There's a thread on spacers here (must have missed that on your 4 hours of reading wink.gif).

There is a wealth of info here so make good use of the search facility and if that fails, just ask tongue.gif


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not mentioned it here either.

I have had Two S3's with them, 1300 miles on the first S3 and over 21,000 on this S3.

most of us have them as a requirement of having Porsche Brakes. i need an absolute minimum +10 mm on front to clear the calipers.

I run 15mm on the rear

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