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Help needed, Which nav CD to buy?

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Some guy is selling his navtech cd for western europe, but How do I know it will work with my car and if it will do what I want. Ive got a D-navi to be installed (soon) and I need a disc, Ive also bought the tcm so i want the disk to be tcm enabled.

Ive heard people talking about DX and Non-Dx, what is this?

Here is the part no. T1000-6766.www.navtech.com

Ive been to the nav-tech website but they dont give any information out..is there anyone who can help?


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So, does the DX mean its got a colour tv, i thought it was something to do with post code recognition

[/ QUOTE ]

Not really, DX is just like a model number (like GTI or SE I suppose!), the Blaupunkt units Nav and Nav+ are based on are TravelPilot and TravelPilot DX. I think the Audi Nav+ units with colour screen are all based on DX units.

Due to improved firmware, only DX units can support postcodes and if I'm not mistaken, a TMC tuner etc.

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