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New Baby - Rare Edition

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Finally got time at work to say a few words about my new Pride and Joy cool.gif

Picked it up at 9:00am from Southampton Audi and the handover process was first class and the potted arrangement of flowers was a nice touch. ooo.gif

It was dry at first, but as soon as I pulled away if chucked it down with rain and continued to do so all day, but I didn't care a bit as I really enjoyed the snug cocooned feeling that you get with the roof up. I chose to have the grey headlining and it really lifts the interior.

It looks so mean in Amulet Red (first red car I have had) and the thick 5 spoke 16" wheels make the car look so heavy and mean looking and they are nice and flush, so making them less likely to kerb crazy.gif. I upgraded the tyres to 215/55/16 and the difference it makes from the 205/55/16 in looks is a lot.

It seems that the Non Sport is going to be a rare sight on the roads as most people seem to be choosing the Sport, but the difference in ride comfort is amazing.

I am having difficulties in keeping it below 3,000 rpm. especially bearing in mind the way the Multitronic gearbox works. The Multitronic is amazingly smooth and the whole car is incredibly quiet.

I ordered the sports seat too as they are amazingly comfortable and the electric lumbar edjustment is spot on.

Sunday was a much nicer day and spent the early hours of the morning washing it clean. Then it was roof down and headed of to my parents in the New Forest. It felt like I had a new car all over again. heart.gifnotworthy.gifsmlove2.gif

when I get some better weather I will post some pics.

Still getting used to people staring at me though jump.gif

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Congratulation HCUK!!

You sound as happy with yours as I am with mine! smile.gif

I'll post my first impressions of mine when I've got more time, but I'll tell you something, the only thing I would change about my car is I wish I'd specified the sports seats like yourself. That was a good move.

I did 400 miles in mine over the weekend, I'd estimate about 350 were with the top down! cool.gif

Great great car.....!! beerchug.gif

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Oh chaps, if you luv it now, u'll gonna luv it when the real weather comes.. yelrotflmao.gifyelrotflmao.gifyelrotflmao.gif My first weekend with the car last year took me down to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood. It was a boiling hot day, the Police man told me to "floor it down the road in to the car park" followed by the second I drove in to the car park some chap snatched out his camera and started snapping away! Poor brilliance............. jump.gif

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