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[Audi A3/S3] Could I expect any performance.....


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I may be entirely wrong here, so this is only a suggestion...

OK - disclaimer's out of the way. If the new pipe has a greater internal diameter and hence a greater volume than the OEM one, isn't that going to reduce the pressure in the intercooler? I.e. the ECU will ask for (for argument's sake) 1 bar of boost, and the turbo will only deliver 0.9 bar? Won't be dangerous, but I'd guess there'd be some kind of performance penalty.

The read I've always had on extra intercoolers etc. is that you need to be a little careful - the extra cooling is great, but the additional volume in the pressurised part of the intake system reduces the overall pressure.

This may, of course, be total, utter and unabridged cobblers. But I tought I'd share. wink.gif

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Get the bugger chipped

[/ QUOTE ]

State the obvious why don't you SPericani2.gif

Problem is, I've over 80k kms, so by the time I'll have the 1100 Euros to get her chipped, I'll be over 100k, and Oettinger won't offer any warranty at all mad.gif It's still in the works, it'll just have to wait 'til after my vacation in September.

For the most part, I'm just looking for smaller mods until I DO dig up the cash for Oettinger crazy.gif What do y'all think would be a better mod for around $80, the lower I/C pipe, or a 4 bar FPR?


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