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S3 Hi-Flow Catalyst


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Apparently they do the job but you'll need to get your chip tailored as there's a big increase in gas flow that the turbo doesn't like or something like that. I was thinking along the same lines until I saw the price of a new Cat blush.gif

Have you seen any prices yet?



PS REVO reckon you can run more boost with a different Cat tongue.gif

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Movit Standard calliper colour:

All 4s range callipers red or black,

(Mov'it 4S3 is recomended for S3 BTW due to larger pistons and pad surface area)

All 4m's red only,

6 pots yellow

you can spec different colours and logo, but it costs...

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The reason why i want the AP 6 pots is cos they are AP grin.gif, 6 pots grin.gif and grey in colour. I dont really want red calipers on my S3, i dont think it looks right.

My only concern is that I hear stories that these big brakes squeal a lot, any comments on this pls?



[/ QUOTE ]

If it helps I have the AP 6 pots on the Tuscan and i haven't heard them squeal yet!

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