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A4 Cab gets Quattro


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Yeah I saw this! smile.gif

On the one hand the ultimate year round cabriolet, on the other, one heavy heavy car...

Must admit though, in the wet I'm noticing the odd skip and slip of the front wheels despite taking it very easy as still running in, and the benefit of new tyres. I'm used to the ultimate grip and security of the quattro system in my previous A3 TSQ. A quattro Cabrio would be the best of all worlds...

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Yes.. I agree, you do become 'reliant' on quattro.. with the sorts of power I have it would just be a mess without it .

When I took the 3.0 multitronic out I still found I got some wheel spin. I think that comming from the '6, where I am just used to planting my foot, the traction to the front wheels wasn't quite there.

I also agree with Nick, in that the quattro set up will make a heavy car a lot heavier.. it will also affect the fuel ecomony and insurance and in this case I would go as far to say it's overkill.

Do you buy a cab for quattro performance??.. I don't think that I would spend the extra in this case?

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I am not sure how much heavier the car is as the 0-60 times only appear to have increased .02 of a second.

[/ QUOTE ]

Thats pretty inpressive! I guess it is better off the line though.

It adds about 0.5 second onto the 1.8T version. Unlike the A3 they haven't increased the power to go with the quattro system. My A3 TSQ was 180hp rather than the 150hp of the 2wd version so it was quicker despite the additional weight of the quattro system. The Audi Cabrio 1.8T is 163hp for both versions.

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