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[Audi A3/S3] Door mirrors


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After sitting in traffic for what seemed hours yesterday I noticed on mostly (if not all) A3 1.8T's that the reflecton of the mirror on the door mirrors had a blue tint.

Mine not being an 1.8T has a brown (for diesel !!) tint for some reason.

Question is, can these be changed over without much fuss, if so what is the method, not too keen on replacing a healthy set of door mirrors if it's gonna cost an arm and a leg.

I had blue ones on my old Golf, and I must say they did look soooo nice.

I'm only intrested in changing the refective mirror & not the whole door mirror assembly.

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I had to get a new mirror glass for my A3T a couple of months ago, I think the driver side glass cost me about £25, which included the bend in it for the blind spot, apparently the passenger glass is cheaper. Oh and it had a blue tint. Best place to get them from would be Martyn at VAGparts, I had to get mine from the dealer as I needed it asap.



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I have blue tinted mirrors on my 97 A3 - just had drivers replaced and that was blue too

Bit pissed off thou as asked them to make sure it had blind-spot portion and after it was fitted i noticed it didnt. dung.gif

I'd already spent a month without - couldnt be arsed to go back again

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