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[Audi A3/S3] Brake upgrades


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Many of us talk about upgrading the brakes on our cars, and I have recently had a set of APR pads fitted to my S3. My impression of them is that they appear to have a bit more bite under normal braking conditions, which I prefer (but then again I drove a new Polo 1.4 the other day that could put you through the windscreen when compared to my S3)

I have taken my car out at Donington and the brakes lasted around 6 or so laps before fading (had to use the gearbox a bit then!), but generally I thought they held up pretty well.

Personally I dont get brake fade on the road, simply because I do not come across conditions (or roads wink.gif) that cause it, and I suppose you have to be braking quite hard and continiously to invoke this on the road.

I am under the impression that Porsche/Movit (etc.) brakes on a S3 dont feel much different (if at all) to standard brakes, apart form the fade, so if you dont track your car, is it purely a cosmetic modification (they do look the dogs) or is there more to it than that?


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I am thinking of upgrading my brakes to Movit's and I too am thinking is it worth it? confused.gif

I think the standard brakes could be better but are these big brakes worth £1500? mmmmmm crazy.gif

The brakes on my A4 Cab were much better than my S3, doesnt make sense, the S3 is so much faster!!

I am begining to think that the only upgrades worth doing are a upgraded DV and a chip, unless I am wrong smashfreakB.gif

I think im gonna say fuck_scott.gif to the big brakes at the mo until they can really be justified.


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