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964 Carrera 4


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damn guys

this thing is COOOOOOOL

i'll take some piccies tomorrow!!

it corners like stink, i almost got sick from going round and round and round the roundabout

it's got the Cup alloys 255/45/17 on the backwheels that combined with ultralow (it's been lowered) suspension and 4wd means it can corner in ways audi's can only dream about!!

and the sound.....sjezus....awesome

(Gaunty heard it cry when i called him)

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My local independent Porsche dealer has a 993 4S in at the moment £35,995. Its that or a Boxster for me next they even have a 996 C2 in for £34,995 80k miles though. I think I even like the white in the 993 4S. Heres the piccy.


Your looking at £950 for my insurance on a Boxster or £1,030 on a 911 996 or 993.

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believe me,

go for the 4S

it's a car you can drive to the limit, even in the wet

and that limit is 10x further down the line compared to a S3


and a 993 4S is heaven compared to the normal Boxsters....

go for it, you know you want it

i also got me quotes from the insurance, and it looks like i'm also in the market for a 993 4S

so....the search for a good one is on....

and remember: it's the model that everyone wants!!!!

4S has the turbo goodies (body, suspension, brakes) but not that expensive to maintain engine

and the 993 is the last of the aircooled ones

so that's also the one that everyone wants....

tough decissions....

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I am up for another job at work with another £5k a year I pay £380 a month for my S3 and I have already done some research on a £35k 911 and I am looking at around £600 a month on a PCP. Plus an extra £40 a month in insurance, and the servicing which is a grand for the 40k service and £300 for the 12k service I need to get this job to have a chance of getting one.

I had a Boxster out in the US and enjoyed it would like to test the 993 4S and a Boxster S side by side. Its just the interior of the 993 that puts me off.

If you will I will........Lets have it.

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