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[Audi A3/S3] Upgrade from S3 to ?


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G'Day guys.

I'm relatively new to the site, though I would like to pose a question.

I have an Absolute Red S3, have driven it for 2 years. I want to get rid of it before the warranty cuts out. What Car should I buy?

I have a few options in Australia and they are:

Audi S3 or RS3 Oct 04

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA July 03

VW R32 Jan 04

Caterham 7

Decisions decisions!

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you are a bit random with your options there mate

when do you need the car?

does it have to be reliable?

what do you use it for?

is it your only car?

eg RS3 not due till 2005, Caterham not very practical

I am looking forward to the 350bhp RS3 but that is based on circumstances:

i only want one car

i live in London

i park on the street

it rains

and a caterham is a joke for that

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First of all thanks for the warm welcome.

Yes you are right I was a bit vague.

I use the car to get to work and then enjoy on the weekends.

Yes I agree that Caterham is a little un practical, though my friends call me Schumi, I love speed and corners. Every opportunity I get I'll trash it around or even go to the track.

Though reliability is a concern of mine and that’s why I've opted for either the Alfa 147 GTA which will be available in April or wait for the VW Golf R32, which will be released in September-October.

Yes these cars are expensive in Australia. For Example.

The S3 is the most expensive Hatchback in Australia at $73,000 $AUS which is about 25,000 pounds.

All these cars are priced around this mark.

The Caterham is approx. $70,000 + (R-500 $100,000)

Quite expensive.


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If I wanted a car now I'd have the R32 out of that lot. Nice blend of real world usebility and performance. Only downside is that this shape Golf will be out of date quickly as a MK5 due soon.

If I was in no rush I'd hang on and see what develops regarding the S3/RS3.

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