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some cab picys u might like!..project..


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But very interesting to see A4 cab and BMW Ci back-to-back. Is it just me, or do those clean Audi lines make the Bimmer look a bit over-detailed? grin.gif


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I think the BMW looks very 1990's, and the Audi looks 2000's. I've always liked the look of that E46 (I think it is) Cabrio, but the Audi is clearly in a different league...

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yeah the audi looks like its been carved from a single solid piece of metal wheras the bemmer looks like a variety of added bits and bobs...and i really do hate the wing mirrors on a e46.....are audi bringing out a hardtop?,,,...cos the e46 looks kinda cool with the hardtop...audi 1 bmw 0....err what ...sorry havent got a clue what im on about now...its getting late znaika.gif

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