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Car pool lanes for M1


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[rant on]

I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

They havent got a clue have they, car pool lanes on lond distance journeys will never work, if its inner city then they may have a case but not on the motorway.

The worst bit is that they will be using te 4th lane to do it with. The 4th lane was promised to help ease congestion and now they are taking it away again.

Everytime people mention increasing the number of lanes all the tree huggers come out saying they will just fill up with traffic again. Not one person has been able to explain to me what would have happened if we didnt have the additional lanes.

There has been and continues to be a large increase in the number of cars on our roads, the reason for this I believe is that we are living in a strong economy, a car is a luxury to some, a luxury that they can afford at the present time. My point is that the amount of cars is not dictated by how much road, but by other factors.

Unfortunately they are always playing catch up, the A14 for example should always have been a motorway, but because they penny pinched when developing the road they are going to create huge congestion whilst expanding it smashfreakB.gif

With the pool lane on the M1 they havnt even thought how it will work, they think it might be in the offside (fast lane), they arent sure if it would have different markings, different colour tarmac, they dont know how they will enforce it (the Police arent too keen), they dont know what fines would be, They dont know how long it will be (J10-6a or J13-6a), They dont even know when it would operate (rush hour only or all day).

So what have they decided on......its going to be called the HOV lane (high occupancy vehicle), at least they have thought it all through grin.gif

[rant off]

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I have to say this is cr@p, I must admit that I dont often go on the motorway on my own (as I live and work in MK) but my Father-In-Law travels down to Berks every day and this will be a pain for him and other who have to travil to work. I mean how many people who do have to travil live near a work colleage to car share with? This will only help coaches and families traviling in rush hour.

That was my 2p worth anyway.

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