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Gallardo v 360 v GT3


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my mate's got a gt2...loves it to death,..he also got a mucielago and really drives it like it should be driven and did have a 360 spider......said the 360 was slow in comparison!...and he got fed up with the services every couple of 1000 miles!.....out of the lot he said the lambo was awsome but the gt2 was better as an everyday car!.......more money than sense if you ask me...but this is his hobby! sportifs2.gifnotworthy.gif

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You can't really compare the GT3 with the others, it "only" costs £70k or so. The Lambo is going to be £120k plus!

Just reading a few previews on the GT3, looks like it's going to be a cracker! Looks a bit plain compared to the turbo though.


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All these three cars are in the latest EVO mag!

Wow there are all very nice cars, except for those horrid 360`s with them plastic windows!yuk!

Must say that out of the lot i`d go for the GT3..... always a porsche!

The lambo is tempting though. but performance isnt everthing! jump.gif

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nah - but the lambo looks the best

the Porsche will always win the award for supercar you can use everyday but if you can afford these cars this is not your only car - this is your weekend toy. therefore might as well go the whole hog I say

and the GT3 is amazingly well priced so lets say the GT2 instead as a comparison which is a ludicrous £118k + options or something shocked.gif

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Yeah the GT2 is the car to put along side the mini-lambo smile.gif

Mmmmmmmm so many cars that i`d buy if i had the dosh!!!

Mainly stick to the German brands and the italian bull & horse! yeeehaaa! lol jump.gif

Lamborghini Gallardo £120-130k

Porsche GT2 £112-120k

Ferrari 360 F1 £100-150k

Mercedes SL55 AMG £90-100k

Audi RS6 £60-65k

Aston Martin DB7 GT £105-120k

BMW M3 £40-50k

Audi S3/RS3 £25-40k

Mitsubishi EVO8 £30k

Porsche 996 Turbo £100k

Mini Cooper S £20k

BRABUS Smart £15k

Mercedes C32 AMG £50k

Ford Focus Diesel £10k

Just under a million pounds worth of motors! jump.gif

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Boxster to M3 is like night and day, such a better all round package. A lot lot faster, less obvious in car parks, may not handle as well but still very good.

Not sure what i may go for next? If it is one car then it will need c400bhp to be faster than what i have if you get what i mean. Other wise i may run something cheap but entertaining and have a weekend car in the garage wink.gif

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Im still with my S3 for now, another couple of years, unless the RS3 is announced.

I dont want to buy the new S3 then find out a year later that the RS3 will be made frown.gif

So ive got plenty of time smile.gif

I`d would have bought a RS4 rather than the M3 wink.gif

Is it expensive to run the M3? insurance,fuel and servicing?

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