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[Audi A3/S3] 39 minutes and counting.....


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Alrighty then, Ladies and Gentlemen, (Yeah, you too Blue tongue.gif),

Here's a quick undown on my initial thoughts of the S3 suspension on my A3 Quattro. To use a British phrase... [censored] Brilliant jump.gif While I haven't pushed her yet, I can already tell that the ride is firmer, she corners MUCH flatter, and the 17's look much better on her now grin.gif Although, I've noticed that it looks lower now, than when it was first installed. Is that normal for the suspension to "settle" a bit? Well, anyway here I've posted a before and after pic for y'all to take a gander at cool.gif Tell me what you think. Not bad for about 300 Euro total eh? tongue.gif



And after,



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Glad ur enjoying it Drill, at least its mile and a half better than ur original setup. Drinving my mums A4 and the way it rolls around bends makes me even more happier when i get back in my S3. I know some people here or elsewhere arent to keen on the S3 suspension set up but personally i think its pretty 'darn' good.

Its so good that i have a H&R coilover kit in my garage waitng for me to get round to fitting it one weekend.


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