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EIP and Haldex in the US


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It will be interesting to read of the real-world road tests with this new controller on a R32. How much it improves the car's dynamics and point and squirt on a nice "driver's road" for example.

A nice quiet, unobtrusive way to get more fun and not put VW off side (eg. warranty). 169144-ok.gif

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No official review yet, but I can personally speak to the fact

that this little upgrade works, as I've had one on my car for

about 3 weeks now.


It doesn't turn the R32 into a RWD oversteering monster, but

it definitely gets the rear more into the action while cornering.

It's especially noticeable in the snow and wet, as the car just

rotates perfectly when hard on the gas in a sharp corner. In

the dry it's not as dramatic a change but if you push it up to

its limits, you'll know it's doing it's job, as you'll feel

that shove from the rear end when you mash on the gas in 2nd or

3rd gear.

BTW, the videos I posted of me playing in the snow from a

couple weekends ago, were made with this unit installed.


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That explains everything. None of us could do a donut like you in the snow with normal unit.

Your donut were very sharp.

[/ QUOTE ]

Actually, that's not true. I was able to do a donut like that

right after I got the car last winter. All it takes is

the right timing between handbrake and gas, but it definitely

can be done. It's a little easier now with the new Haldex

software, but the technique is still basically the same. Handbrake

to get the rear end rotating, and about when the car is sideways ,

and front end has come nearly to a stop, mash the gas down full

with the steering at full lock and it'll go round and round.

As for price.. The existing European distributor is selling them

for about the equiv of $1400 USD. EIP intends to sell it for

less than that. I can't really say but you can probably

guess the logical pricepoint in $USD.


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Reading Riz's link again it looks like it's dead easy to fit with a ramp. Hmmm....tempted I am and I'm not even the modifying kind.

If they're easily interchangeable, you could theoretically share one for track sessions.

[/ QUOTE ] Ive got one haldex unit and the whole rear system at home... might have a look and see how it comes off.

Riz grin.gif

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20-30 minute job.. yes.

Most of the folks selling this unit in the US are getting a

blue version. EIP has secured a batch of aluminum finish ones

which are indistinguishable from the stock unit.


[/ QUOTE ] Mmmm sounds sekret.gif does that mean that dealers wont be able to tell the difference? retaining oem warranty laugh.gif

Ive seen all your video clips on VWvortex and your driving in the snow is very scary shocked.gif good stuff and thank you for all the information 169144-ok.gif

Riz rafwings.gif

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