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Abt RS6 - M40 J3 Today


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** 52 VUE

Hello Sir smile.gif Nice car smile.gif Headig E-bound this morning. I even followed the 'S' hierarchy and vacated the fast lane for it. Did fancy giving it a bit of beans to see what the RS6 could do but i wasn't able to - but thats another story frown.gif

RS6 looks great in the mirror grin.gif I wonder what abt stuff it had done to it - didn't sound particularly loud... confused.gif

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Not really.. yes it does limit power and when MTM removed the exhaust the power increase was big.. BUT

The trouble is that the gearbox seems to be the limiting factor. It can't cope with more than around 700nm of torque, after that you start stripping the cogs. Now this is easy to chip too , when you approach the 500bhp mark the torque figure jumps to around 670Nm.. just top of the safe level. Any more power and your in trouble.

More power is easy to achieve, but at what price?. MTM have already gone through 3 gearboxes apparantly and are working on a manual gearbox that can handle power upto 1000bhp!!

I don't know what the answer is really.. it looks like the RS6 is going to sit around the 500 to 520 bhp mark and little else can be done. Cosmetic exhaust systems can be added for noise and looks but it's unlikley that full system pipes are going to go on unless the gearbox is uprated somehow.

Time will tell



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