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[Audi A3/S3] Entry to a not-so exclusive club...


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...became mine on the way home this evening -- the "3 coil-packs and counting" club. rocketwhore.gif

I seem to recall posting a week or so ago after being Revo'd that on a couple of occasions, when applying maximum beans, there'd been a familiar and decidedly unwelcome "fluffing" and sure enough, on the Leatherhead by-pass this afternoon, whilst putting paid to a Cooper S, number three went "phut" on me.


Called Audi Roadside Assistance and have been advised that a wee gadgy with a new coil will be out tomorrow a.m. In the meantime, I "limped" the car the ten or so miles home on three.

This is the second time I've "limped" on three and I'm wondering if, in the longer term, when I suddenly find my catalytic convertor packs in, just what Audi will say to that...

Did make the lassie (Jenny) at the call-center laugh when she answered the 'phone and I said,

"Hi, is that the duff coil-pack hot-line?"



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