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I am SO vain........!!


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I'd never realised just how vain I am.

I can't believe just how much attention the Audi Cab gets! Obviously it is a stunning looking car, no question, and the fact that there are so very few around (especially in my area) means that a lot of people are seeing one for the first time when they see mine.

On top of that I think that many people associate it with way more expensive cars, imagining it must be in the £40K+ bracket (which I guess it nearly would be if you have the top of the range with all the goodies!)

My previous car was an A3 T-sport quattro with a very high spec (leather, climate, sunroof, metallic, ESP, 6 disc CD etc etc), but debadged (as my Cabrio is). I think most people would have viewed it as a circa £15K hatchback, after all if you'd put the big alloys on a 1.6 A3 it would have looked the same.

The fact is that in reality my Cabrio was only about £3K more than the A3 was new, but people seem to think I've gone from a £15K hatchback to this super s****y £40K pose mobile! grin.gif

The effect a couple of times from people I know as I walk up to it, "plip" the central locking, climb in and drive off has to be seen to be believed! I have to try my hardest to keep a nonchalant straight face, maybe a little nod and a smile as I catch their eye and their jaw hits the ground. I try to keep the uncontained laughter for when I'm round the corner and out of earshot!!

I love it, it just cracks me up every time! I am so very very vain...!! cool.gif

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