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Adjusting 911 made for US market


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Hello everyone,

I am very close to buy a 911 turbo, MY 2001, but the car was made for the US.

Does anyone know how much does it cost to have the car adjusted for European need, so I can register it with NP? I believe only light must be changed and speedometer if it doesn't have km beside miles (I am from continental Europe).

Thanks for all the replys!

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"continental Europe" is a big place, I can only talk for Belgium and for the cars I imported. (personal use, I don't sell cars for a living)

All the lights need replacement as the US lights don't have "E" stamps in the lenses.

Usually the speedometer only has a readout in mph.

You can either replace the whole instrument or install alu gauge faces with km/h readout.

The seat belts should have "E" stamps.

The car will sit higher than the European turbo's and I have heard of cases where the suspension needed to be changed.

Oh, and the US '01 996TT comes with front and rear bumperettes. crazy.gif This should be no problem though.

Again, this is what I experienced over the years, I know that there are exceptions where they approved the US tail lights on a 993 where one month later a person with the same type of 993 had to replace both tail lights and the rear reflector.

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