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Allroad vibration?


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I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on the following...

In June I bought a 2004 2.5 Tdi Tiptronic Allroad which had 5k miles on the clock.

Since then I've done another 9k and have been delighted with the car.

Today, driving at about 70/75 mph and 2.5k revs I sensed a gentle 'vibration' in the car - you could feel it from the seat and steering wheel. Nothing alarming enough to pull over but it's a sensation I hadn't felt in the previous 9k miles.

I wondered if it was just down to the particular road surface I was on at the time but now I'm just not sure. I've just driven maybe 60 miles since I first noticed - at various speeds and on various types of road - and I think it happened again.

I know this sounds a bit vague and I guess it's difficult when something like this is so subtle.

But I thought it worth asking in anoyone had experience anything similar?

If not, if I take the car to Audi to get them to have a quick look over, is there anything in particular they should be looking for?

It maybe I was imagining the vibration for the rest of the journey - but I'm just not sure.

Many thanks,


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I get this on my quattro. Had the wheels balanced, but its always there. You can feel it through the throttle pedal too. Not really bad, but more noticable for the driver than the passengers.

Could be a drive shaft out of balance, though hard to cure. Suggest balancing wheels first.

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