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Golf MK2 engine probs


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In that case Ben, I can only guess. I'm a diesel head, but try this carefully, I mean carefully. Get yourself a long handled screwdriver and, with the engine running, try placing the end of the screwdriver on the valve cover. Then put your ear to the other end and move locations to try and track down the source of the noise. This is a bit like using a stethoscope at the docs.

It could be something on the valve train or possibly a timing belt roller, water pump bearing?

The reason I say carefully is that it's very easy to lose concentration and get long hair, sleeves or loose clothing, neck chain etc caught in moving parts and not live to tell. Also, with it being a petrol, there's a lot of high voltage ignition stuff kicking about in there, and if you touch an HT lead, you'll know.

I presume the petrols have hydraulic tappets? There's a possibility of incorrect oil grade causing noisy valve train gear if the wrong oil has been used over a period of time.

Caution! Did I tell you to be carefull?

Maybe someone with a petrol head can help some more?

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