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Help! Please, anyone familar with Bosch fuel inj.


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Hi everyone, just got an Audi 5000, 85 or so model year, not sure on the engine size, 2.2 or 2.3. Anyhow, the car starts up, then dies after about 3 seconds of running. It will start right up for about 2 times after the inital start, then it won't stay running at all. I messed with the idle mixture control and adjusted it up a little to take some of the slack out between the disc and the actuator on the bottom of the fuel distributor, and now it idles but won't accelerate or anything, it leans out and dies under a slight throttle, and the fuel pump make a lot of noise. The disc on the air valve is somewhat difficult to move with the engine running, the fuel pressure against it with the pump running seems high, i don't see how airflow can lift it. Anyhow, what controls fuel pressure and what could be causing this? this system does have an oxygen sensor. any help is appreciated. thanx

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