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Dented my Car - HELP!


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I'm seriously pi$$ed off, backed my car into one of those stupid little bollards in an NCP today, it was cast iron so there is a big squish dent in the rear bumper on the passenger side , right on the corner. It has gone bowl shaped No damge to the main car or anywhere else..but what now. I'm in the Midlands on a contract for another 4 days, I need some quotes urgently before I go away for three weeks on the 17th March.

How much is a new bumper?

How much is painting a new bumper?

Any good crash repairs in Derby/Nottingham/Leicster area?

Have other people done this, how much did it cost?

I'm cross, please help me before I explode rocketwhore.gif

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Hi Alex, I did the same thing yesterday, only it was a wooden bollard and it was low down on the plastic valance - although I did have an Audi engineer in the car at the time which was a trifle embarassing blush.gif

Anyway, check out VAG Parts for the price of a bumper. I think you'll be shocked at how much they are, but these guys will be cheaper than Audi.

You might find a mobile dent repairer who can fix it for you at much lower cost.

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I'm seriously pi$$ed off, backed my car into one of those stupid little bollards in an NCP today,

[/ QUOTE ]

Reminds me of the day I picked up my first audi - a brand new A4 2.6 Avant. Went to visit a NT property in the afternoon, reversed into a car park space and clobbered the 2ft high post which is totally invisible through the back window. Pulled the car forwards again and got out to look - yep, there was a significant indentation in the rear bumper. Went for a walk and came back a couple of hours later - not a mark to be seen. Boy, was I relieved!

Sorry to hear about your mishap, though - it doesn't sound like it will fix itself. frown.gif

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Alex, assuimng that u havent chipped the paint away too much or at all and the the dent in the bumper is not a 'crease' then a good body shop should be able to heat up the bumper allowing it to take its original form ie pop back. Ive seen this done and it does work plus it also saves the expense of having a new bumper fitted. Any scratches or chips can be easily repainted or touched up. Oh and also even after heating the bumper and the bumper fully take its shape back and leaves a small 'strecth' indentation then even that can repaired with special bumper body fillers and then repainted. I know a garage here who can do all this but i think manchester is a bit too far away for u.

Post some piccys so we can see how bad the damage is.


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