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[Audi A3/S3] Got smoked by an Escort Cossie on Saturday night.


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I get the feeling he may have been chipped because I floored it and by the time he had reacted I was three car lengths ahead. By the time we reached 110mph he was level with me. At which point we had to brake for a roundabout.

Funnily enough I then ended up at the lights next to a 4x4 Sierra Cosworth later that night. We both gunned it and I ended up about 1/2 a car length ahead of him at 90mph.

I think the Escort was chipped but I am not sure. An Escort Cosworth in standard for would not be significantly faster than an S3 would it?

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We had two runs. First time I gunned it first and made three car lengths. He then reacted and and by the time we were doing 110mph he was even, at which point we both braked for the roundabout. We both went round the roundabout next to each other. He booted it out ahead and I followed. By the time we had got to 105 mph he had at least 3 car lengths on me!

I hope that clears things up. beerchug.gif

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