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A chip is going to make the most difference for the least bucks, definitely.

But I wonder why you went for the A4 1.8T if you are after performance, I mean, they're OK, but if it is speed you want then why not an A3 1.8T, or even a S3 isn't far away on price?

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The first mods I would go for straight away would be a Hyperboost DV and a remap.

With regards to the remap there are so many tuners out there. Main ones are MTM, Abt, AmD, Revo etc...

I have a MTM chip and I heart.gif it! notworthy.gif

Loads or people are having the REVO remap but I cant comment on that one seeing as I have never seen them before. Superchips are quite good but have a max power boy racer image, cheapest of the whole lot though.

Those two mods are very effective, will give you the most power increase for the money.

Hope this helps tongue.gif



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