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Boxster test drive


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Last Saturday we took out a Boxster 2.7 for a couple of hours. In a fortunate change of circumstances we have the oppotunity to chuck in our S2000 and go for a Boxster.

From the outside the car can't be flawed, the interior is simple, refined yet very comfortable.

We not going for a new one, but one about 2-3 years old.

The S2000 is a great fun car to drive, the Boxster is a bit more sophisticated and kinder to drive, afterall Jane will be driving the car for 90% of the time.

We took the car out and from Janes point of view the car was great, good visibility (!) and not to hard to park (bless her).

I took over the wheel and immediately was dissappointed with the lack of low down grunt and torque, to be very honest my Tdi had more torque lb for lb. Don't get me wrong my Tdi cannot in any way be compared to the Boxster, they are 2 totally different cars.

The verdict is out, we have the car in a few weeks for a weekend, but I'm not yet totally convinced the Boxster is for us, maybe an older 911 - dunno confused.gif

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We looked at the S, but could not find the model for our budget of £30k.

I agree the S is the one to go for, also it's totally the wrong time of year to be buying this type of car. An option is to wait until the Autumn then we will be in a better position to buy a more recent and better Boxster S.

We are also trying to take out on test a couple of 911's in a few weeks time, I prefer the 911.

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A young lady in my life has just test driven a boxster and boxster S back to back and she wouldnt touch the Boxster as it actually felt slower and less fun than my unchipped TT.

She had a lot of good things to say about the 'S' though and is likely to be placing an order in the next day or so.

The thing that amazed me was the price you can get one for, on a Porsche lease type agreement, £270 per month for 4 years - now that is affordable and got me thinking....

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trust me, you want an older type 911

even the 964's are still VERY good value for money

specially the Carerra 4's

they outcorner almost every other car (low center of gravity)

they are faster then a chipped S3 (5.2sec)

they have the brakes everyone wants

they look splendid

test drove one last weekend for 2 days, god, i fell in love instantly!!!

i would pick one over a RS4!!!!

you sit sooooo low to the ground, it's a totally new experience

if you got the extra cash the 993 4S is even better

cause in the long term a 993 would be cheaper

964 is abit expensive to maintain

and a 993 is alot cheaper

and it's the last aircooled porsche built so it'll eventually become more expensive!!!

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