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Well I guess I had better post some more then! laugh.gif

At 45,000 miles the S3's engine is running as well as it ever has. It gives a nice solid performance and the handling is much improved now I have new conti's, especially in the wet. I have found with other tyres that you can get awfull fun spoiling understeer, but these seem to give a real sharp turn in and grip for longer which is exactly what the doc ordered! Also the tyre noise on the motorway is dramatically reduced compared to my previous dunlop sports (which were awfull).

The interior is still looking great but the seats are becoming a tiny bit worn and crinkled. The blue alcantara is looking sweet still!

The performance of the S3 is something that is very easy to become accustomed to so after two years I have decided to try the REVO 5-hour trial this weekend.

It's all good! laugh.gif

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