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Revo'd 150PD Golf


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REVO SPS1- Review of my experience in a 150 PD Mkiv Golf.

On the 9th March 2003, I went along to the tt-owners club meeting at Beaconsfield, to catch up with a few old friends, what I didn't know was I was going to leave a few hundred pounds lighter, but with my car considerably quicker!

When I got to the car park, I saw Mitchell from Revotechnik, and asked if it was possible to have their Revo code installed on my car. Unfortunately he didn't have his laptop frown.gif, but Russell from Forge was on hand with his trusty Vaio, so Mitch proceeded to get to work on my car wink.gif.

The first job was to connect his laptop to my car using the OBDII port located above the ashtray. After initialising Revo's bespoke software to check that the ECU was one covered by their code, he proceeded to pull the dash cluster fuse from the fuse box, which ensures error free transfer of code through the can bus.

Mitchell then simply pressed a button on the laptop that sent the new code to my ECU, a process that took about 5 or 6 minutes.

The ignition was then switched off for 10 seconds to allow the new code to initialise, then the fuse replaced and the ignition switched on. To ensure all was well, a VAG 1552 was used to check for any fault codes that may have registered, (there were none), and then it was time for a test drive. (AKA trip to the cash machine! tongue.gif)

I set off not really sure what to expect, but when a safe opportunity presented itself, I was able to explore the new performance characteristics of the Revo code grin.gif.

My initial impressions were "WOW" shocked.gifgrin.gif, off the line performance was much improved, and despite my concerns of having 190bhp going through the front wheels, they coped without any drama. The rev counter now whips around towards the redline much quicker than standard, and remarkably feels more like a petrol car to drive. From the feel of the car, the main torque rush comes in, like the old car, at about 1900 revs, and rather than dying away dramatically like the OEM software at approx 3300 revs it maintains torque until 4000 revs, giving additional flexibility in each gear.

What I haven't described yet is the amount of torque! It's a phenomenal transformation from standard and probably rates as the biggest transformation from stock I have experienced from new software alone on any of my previous cars. My wife used to complain she didn't like my APR'd TT Roadster because it made her feel sick ROLLEY~14.GIFwhen I accelerated; she isn't going to like the Golf for much longer I can assure you grin.gif!

Due to the increased torque and top end flexibility, acceleration has improved dramatically, both through the gears, and in gear. One of the side effects I was not expecting however was a quieter engine, ok it still rattles a bit on start-up tongue.gif, but once on the move you'd be hard pressed to tell it was an oil burner now grin.gif!

What about Fuel Economy? Well once more I was pleasantly surprised! On a 140 mile journey I do regularly, featuring a mixture of gradients, speeds, and road surfaces I clocked 42.9mpg average with the Revo code, compared to 44.1mpg in stock mode. Whilst this represents a 2.7% decrease, it is more than offset by the improved driveability and refinement smirk.gif. The code gives the smoothness associated with the OEM version, but with the addition of oodles of torque.

Would I recommend it? Yes! :grin

Nick Danks

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