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[Audi A3/S3] Nasty creak. When will my woes end?


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Hi guys,

new faults to report and pick your brains over. When I take a sharp left turn like turning off a main road into a side road (at 'slow' speed), there is a nasty creak coming from what seems like the back of the car. Also, it only ever happens when taking a left turn, and never in any other situation. Not even speed bumps. Any ideas guys - is one of my shocks buggered? I have tries to rock the car when it's standing but can't re-create the noise. Other thing is a knock (rather than a creak smirk.gif) coming from inside the passenger door. Knocks when I press the accelerator hard and when I let if off and then whenever it feels like it. Again not triggered by things like speed bumps. It's all making me go doolally suicide.giflol.gif. I'm started to wish I bought a Skoda favorit, because I'm sure I'd have less build problems.

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