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Noisy air-con pump when started from cold


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As above.

When I start my A6 in the morning, the air-con pump makes a howling noise. If I turn the air-con off, the noise goes, then comes back if I switch it back on again.

The noise lasts for a few minutes, then fades. Garage says that the air-con has a electric cooling fan on it, and they suspect that that is the problem. They said it's under warrarnty, and I should report it if the noise increases any further.

Is this common? Could it be the pump on it's way out.

Only does this when engine stone cold. If started during the day, no noise at all.

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sonds like the compressor pump is ready to go.the cooling fan that is linked to your air con should come on when the pump is running anyway this is normal but noisy bearings sound a bit dodgy!!.does the compressor pump bang into life when air con is switched on?if so the cluth in it might be knackered smirk.gif

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