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Pulled into my drive this afternoon with roof down and all windows down. Decided to clean car so roof up then windows up (all on the roof button) but the drivers side window dropped back down a couple of inches as though it had been obstructed. Tried it a couple more times on its dedicated switch after checking there wasn't anything obstructing it and eventually it went up and stayed up.

Thought it was a bit odd but anyway... Got out of car, shut door, collected car cleaning stuff together, got hose, sprayed car liberally all over with hose to wet it and wash off loose dirt before washing with sponge.

Got sponge, started washing and thats when I noticed it. The drivers window, having dropped as I opened the door as it should, and then moved back up into position when I shut it, had obviously decided that it had found its "ghost" obstruction again and dropped the requisite couple of inches, leaving a big gap around the top, perfect for spraying hose water into the interior of the car!!! EEK2.GIF

Cue lots of very rude words indeed! smashfreakB.gif

The drivers seat and footwell seemed to have neatly collected most of it, with a little splashed onto the dash, steering wheel and centre console. I grabbed some kitchen roll and mopped up as much as I could (luckily I'd only been spraying the car briefly with the hose and then noticed the problem straight away). I then fiddled with the window switch with the door open, and it went up perfectly, and closed properly when I then shut the door. It's worked absolutely fine since. I started the engine, set both sides of the heater to "HI" for max heat with the air con on so it would dehumidify as much as possible, and wound the seat heater up to 6. I left it like this with the engine running and continued cleaning the car. By the time I'd finished the interior was pretty much dry, and I gave the car a half hour drive afterwards just to make sure I got plenty of air through it. All seems fine now, interior dry and window working fine, but something worth keeping an eye on all you Cabrio drivers! znaika.gif

Good weather forecast for tomorrow so I'll give it a good run with the top down just to ensure it is completely totally dry inside, but I think it is OK now, and it was fresh water obviously so it's not marked anything thankfully...

Be interested to hear whether anyone else has experienced anything similar though, didn't TT owners have problems with dropping windows?

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This is a well documented problem on the UKTT Forum and it seems to happen when the two people leave the car and simultaneously close their doors. For some reason, this causes the windows to drop a couple of inches or so. Audi do not recognise the problem and it would appear to be a software problem.

It can be reset, by using the buttons to wind the windows up, shutting the door, unlocking the car then locking it again.

I have not had this problem myself, however, I have experience a window roll down. After nipping into a supermarket for a quick message, I returned to the car and found the windows down by 2 inches. I was a bit surprised as I had always understood the problem to be as a result of the above scenario. I posted a thread on the UKTT forum and it was suggested that whilst putting the keys in my pocket,I had inadvertantly pressed the buttons on the keyfob in a certain manner which resulted in the window roll down. That was about 10 months ago and hasn't happened since.

I would therefore guess that your own roll down was due to a simmilar combination of events and thus unlikely to recur.

For more info read web page

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Cheers guys. Was only me in the car so not quite like the TT thing described.

I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens but I'm guessing it was just a one off glitch. Hope so anyway... confused.gif

Car seems to have dried out OK so hopefully no harm done. Seriously not impressed at the time though, she's only a fortnight old!! smashfreakB.gif

I'll keep you posted. sekret.gif

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